“I build communities, tell stories, and use my platforms to uplift diverse voices.”

Streams & Actual Plays

The Chaotic Wholesome Talk Show

Along with her co-host David Lee, Kay headlines a weekly TTRPG talk show Tuesdays at 3PM Pacific, 6PM Eastern. The Chaotic Wholesome Talk Show covers tools, tips, and hot takes, as well as indie systems. Check out past episodes at the link below!

A portrait of Kay, created for the game Ooblets. Art by Franxurio

Hi, I'm Kay. (she/they)

I'm a community manager and communicator who has been in the gaming industry for more than fifteen years. I'm also a gaming journalist, TTRPG game master, host, and speaker who is passionate about diversity and inclusion, indie video games, and all kinds of table top roleplaying games.


TTRPGs & Storytelling

I am of the chaotic wholesome alignment. I believe in embracing the unexpected, engaging in fun, collective experiences, sharing the spotlight, and telling stories with the power to change hearts and minds. I love collaborative performances, and often play quirky or unusual characters who are deeper and more complex than they may first appear.