The Rainbow Roll Charity Project

A four-part stream benefitting The Trevor Project, which raised over $,2000 for charity. Created as a collaboration between Candace the Magnificent, Kay Purcell, and Todd Moonbounce, the Rainbow Roll celebrated queer stories and voices during Pride 2022, and featured the talents of Naomi Kyle, Connie Chang, Bee Zelda, April Kit Walsh, PrincexCalamity, and many more talented players and storytellers using the Thirsty Sword Lesbians  system. 

My Responsibilities

  • Create, manage, and monitor the campaign and donations page

  • Identify, connect with, and recruit talented and diverse players, personalities, and game masters to appear in the project

  • Help manage schedules, conflicts, and the unforeseen challenges of such a large project

  • Provide feedback around graphics, layouts, and advertising materials to ensure a high, consistent quality

  • Moderate chat and help ensure an active, exciting Twitch chat experience

  • Monitor and celebrate donations and milestones