Dragon Quest XI with Ross Draws

Artist Ross Tran of RossDraws celebrated the release of Dragon Quest XI with a first look at gameplay, an interview with Neil Pabon, Square Enix Product Marketing Manager, and Samantha Reinert, Dragon Quest Community Manager, and a fan art session featuring Jade.

My Responsibilities

  • Gather character information to help Ross pre-plan and start his drawing for the session

  • Planned community involvement for the segment, gathering questions and community sentiment around Dragon Quest XI ahead of the stream

  • Be the brand voice and host of the interview

  • Deliver all messaging and required disclaimers on behalf of DeviantArt and Square Enix

  • Research and prepare questions for the stream

  • Monitor Facebook Live chat, select the best questions and present them to the guests

  • Supported the guests by providing information about the history and lore of the series