Cloud 9 Scrim Sesh

Red Bull and Cloud9 partnered to bring the ultimate fan experience to a lucky few. This "esports unplugged" event brought together some of Cloud9s most dedicated fans in an exclusive, intimate setting. No photos, no recording, and no phones allowed. Fans got a front row seat as Cloud9 and the Academy team went head to head in exhibition matches, took on audience challenges, then sat with fans, sharing snacks and drinks, as they told stories, answered questions, signed autographs, and took photos.


My Responsibilities

  • Worked cross departmentally and with the Cloud9 team to craft the event

  • Helped craft the run of show and maintain the schedule during the event

  • Crafted the event description, rules, and fan invitations, and messaging for the event

  • Followed up with fans to help gather and report on community sentiment