Anne Munition @ PAX East

We created a uniquely high quality IRL stream event for Red Bull Gaming athlete Anne Munition at PAX East. Anne brought fans at home to the PAX floor, where she demoed indie games of all types, visited with her sponsors, and met with her fans. The resulting stream and recap video have been incredibly well-received, and collectively have received more than 750,000 views.

My Responsibilities

  • Leverage my network to identify and connect with indie games and developers to secure appointments, interviews, and filming rights, including the only screen recording of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout at PAX East

  • Built and managed the show schedule

  • Found and secured additional appointments and interviews day of when extra time became available

  • Managed filming wavers, ensuring signatures from anyone who appeared on camera 

  • Assisted the crew with navigating the venue, managing crowd control, and managing filming equipment, batteries, etc

  • Served as primary point of contact for Red Bull Gaming at PAX East, managing all day of introductions, explanations of the show format, etc